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Food systems and climate change

Project material
  • Giulia Nicolini
  • Nout van der Vaart
  • Alejandro Guarín
  • Carol Gribnau
  • Frank Mechielsen
  • Hugo Verkuijl

How can Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments best impact policy and planning?: Lessons from Indonesia

Working paper
  • John Taylor
  • Jonatan Lassa

Can urban regeneration improve health resilience in a changing climate?

Working paper
  • Rukuh Setiadi
  • Johanna Nalau

Climate change, floods and homes: understanding location preferences in Indonesia

Working paper
  • Mustika Anggraeni
  • Ismu Rini Dwi Ari
  • Endratno Budi Santosa

The impact of urban heat islands: assessing vulnerability in Indonesia

Working paper
  • Tumiar Katarina Manik
  • Syarifah Syaukat

Climate, carbon, conservation and communities

IIED Briefing
  • Dilys Roe
  • Hannah Reid
  • Kit Vaughan
  • Emily Brickell
  • Joanna Elliott