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Supporting smallholders’ decision making: managing trade-offs and synergies for sustainable agricultural intensification

Journal article
  • Barbara Adolph
  • Mary Allen
  • Evans Beyuo
  • Daniel Banuoku
  • Sam Barrett
  • Tsuamba Bourgou
  • Ndapile Bwanausi Kabuye
  • Francis Dakyaga
  • Emmanuel K Derbile
  • Peter Gubbels
  • Batchéné Hié
  • Chancy Kachamba
  • Godwin Kumpong Naazie
  • Ebenezer Betiera Niber
  • Isaac Nyirengo
  • Samuel Faamu Tampulu

Adopting CLTS: is your organisation ready? Analysing organisational requirements (PLA 61)

Journal article
  • Jean-François Soublière

Lessons from a transboundary water governance project in West Africa (PLA 60)

Journal article
  • Sam Wong

Experience of the Programme Nationale de Gestion de Terroirs (PNGT2) in Burkina Faso (PLA Notes 49)

Journal article
  • Moussa Ouédraogo
  • Mohamed Drabo