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PLA 60: Community-based adaptation to climate change (Arabic Version)

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This is the Arabic translation of the themed articles from Participatory Learning and Action 60. This special issue looks at recent approaches to climate change adaptation which are community-based and participatory, building on the priorities, knowledge, and capacities of local people. It discusses how community-based approaches to climate change have emerged, and the similarities and differences between CBA and other participatory development and disaster risk reduction approaches. It highlights innovative participatory methods which are developing to help communities analyse the causes and effects of climate change, integrate scientific and community knowledge of climate change, and plan adaptation measures. Whilst CBA is a relatively new field, some lessons and challenges are beginning to emerge, including how to integrate disaster risk reduction, livelihoods and climate change adaptation work, climate change knowledge gaps, issues around the type and quality of participation, and the need for policies and institutions that support CBA.

With thanks to the RCPLA network coordinator for this translation. See:

Keywords: PLA, PLA Notes, climate change, CBA.

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