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About publications

About publications

We publish a wide variety of resources, the vast majority of which are available to download free of charge. These include reports, briefings, research papers and books. We also produce the leading journal Environment & Urbanization.

We have more than 6,000 publications to search and browse, ranging from briefings and backgrounders that offer introductions or key findings and policy recommendations about an issue, to more detailed case studies and research reports.

Where possible publications link to the IIED website where further information on related work is available.


Most publications are free to download and we offer printed publications at no cost to individuals and organisations in non-OECD countries.

Links to buy printed copies appear on pages where the option is available. These will take you to the relevant publisher and their distributor.

If you wish to receive print copies of publications, email newbooks@iied.org with details of the publication you wish to order. We try to send copies subject to stock availability and may charge postage and packing costs.

You can subscribe to Environment & Urbanization.

Occasionally, IIED publishes through external publishers, including: Routledge, Zed Books, Sage and Springer.

Limited numbers of evaluation copies are available. Please contact us if you wish to review any of our new publications by providing the title and ISBN of the book(s) requested together with your full postal address and specify the publication in which the review will appear.

We would also hope to receive a copy of the published review in due course, preferably in electronic format. Please contact newbooks@iied.org with all of the above details.

Free publications

We offer materials and printed publications at no cost to subscribers in non-OECD countries. To find out more please contact us via newbooks@iied.org.

Please let us know if you’re aware of any libraries or resource centres that could benefit by emailing newbooks@iied.org.


We accept submissions for the journal Environment & Urbanization – to make a submission, please visit the relevant section on its website.

IIED is not an external publishing service, so please don't send manuscripts or publishing proposals.

Copyright and permissions

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright rights of all material published by IIED belong exclusively to IIED. However most of our material is free to download and we encourage others to share. That means you are generally free to copy, distribute and display the work for non-profit purposes, provided the original source and author is given credit.

For quotes, fewer than 400 words constitutes ‘fair use’ and need only be referenced (with double quotes around the referenced section). Permission will need to be sought for longer quotes.

Many of our publications are published under the Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0. For more information on this, see our terms and conditions.

If you have any queries regarding permissions, we encourage you to contact us. Email newbooks@iied.org.


The publications library website runs on technology developed in Hackney by Frame of Reference.

More information

This website is designed to be as accessible and easy to use as possible. We want all users to be able to access the information on this site, including people with sight problems, or hearing, mobility or cognitive impairments. For more information, see IIED’s commitment to accessibility.

Our publications are available in a variety of languages, and a number of our publications have been translated. The title of publications and their abstracts are written in the same language as the publication, while other language options are displayed on the same page where available.

Publications are authored by both staff and partners. Please refer to our staff pages to direct specific questions to IIED authors.

For publications enquiries, please email newbooks@iied.org or call +44 (0)20 3463 7399.

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