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Food and Forests: Understanding agriculture and conservation trade-offs in Zambia

In Zambia as in many countries in Africa, policymakers need to better understand and manage the major trade-offs — existing and future — between two competing objectives: increasing agricultural production to meet growing domestic food demand and conserving nature. This briefing explores this issue within the national context in Zambia, and makes suggestions for the way forward.

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Hou-Jones, X, Mwitwa, J, Franks, P. (2020) 'Food and Forests: Understanding agriculture and conservation trade-offs in Zambia'. Sentinel Briefing: Uk
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With the support of country partners, IIED is conducting research to better understand existing and future competition and trade-offs between food production and natural forests, and the implications for land use policies in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Food demand and forests in sub-Saharan Africa

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