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Profiling unauthorized natural resource users for better targeting of conservation interventions

Unauthorised use of natural resources is a key threat to many protected areas. Approaches to reducing this threat include law enforcement and integrated conservation and development (ICD) projects. But for such ICDs to be targeted effectively, it is important to understand who is illegally using which natural resources and why. This article presents research that explored these questions at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. It concludes with recommendations that to reduce unauthorised activity at Bwindi, ICD must benefit the poorest people living in remote areas and near the park boundary by providing affordable alternative sources of forest products and addressing crop raiding. To prevent resentment from driving further unauthorised activity, ICDs should be managed transparently and equitably.

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  • External: X00140
  • Published: Aug 2015 - Wiley Periodicals
  • Area: Uganda
  • Theme: Biodiversity
  • Source pub: Conservation Biology
  • Journal ref: Vol 00, No 0
  • Language: English

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Harrison M., Baker J., Twinamatsiko M., Milner-Gulland E.J. (2015) Profiling unauthorized natural resource users for better targeting of conservation interventions. Conservation Biology, Volume 00, No. 0, 1–11.

Project information

Despite interventions aimed at improving the livelihoods of communities in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, the illegal use of the park's resources continued. This IIED project aimed to better understand who is carrying out the unauthorised use of resources and why, so that interventions can be more effective in the future.

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Uganda: Conserving Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and reducing local poverty

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