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A systematic map protocol: which components or attributes of biodiversity affect which dimensions of poverty?

The assumption that biodiversity and ecosystem services can help in efforts to tackle poverty is implicit in international targets set for biodiversity conservation (by the Convention on Biological Diversity) and for poverty reduction (enshrined in the Millennium Development Goals). The 2010 United Nations General Assembly further stressed the linkage, claiming: “preserving biodiversity is inseparable from the fight against poverty.” Nevertheless the evidence-base on biodiversity – poverty links is not as robust as one might assume. Studies in the academic and “grey” literature have used diverse methods and metrics, different components of biodiversity and dimensions of poverty have been studied, and the scale of impact has rarely been assessed.

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  • External: X00119
  • Published: Apr 2013 - Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
  • Theme: Biodiversity
  • Source pub: Environmental Evidence Journal
  • Journal ref: 2:8
  • Language: English

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There is an explicit assumption that reducing the rate of biodiversity loss can help in efforts to tackle global poverty. But the evidence for this assumption is surprisingly weak. This project aimed to review the existing evidence base, identify knowledge gaps and make evidence more widely available.

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Building evidence on how biodiversity affects poverty

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