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Global Change and Caribbean Vulnerability: environment, economy and society at risk

The previous three volumes in the series on Caribbean geography explored how geographical and cognate research was being applied to address key environmental problems in the Caribbean. The present volume makes a further significant contribution to the literature. It highlights how current research is addressing
rapid change in the Caribbean region, both that being forced by global warming and by population growth. The chapters are presented as a series of original, empirical research contributions, which have the common theme of the search for development strategies that focus on the social and economic needs of the people without further deterioration of the region’s fragile environmental resource base. The articles have been selected to emphasize the importance of a multidisciplinary focus in this applied research field. Among the subject areas
covered are climate change, sustainable food production systems, urban planning and community development, and coastal management. The authors conclude the volume by developing the critical research agenda on these and other issues.

Contributors: Steve Bailey, David Barker, Clinton Beckford, Donovan Campbell, Shauna-Lee Chai, Sean Chenoweth, Colin Clarke, Mick Day, David Dodman, Douglas Gamble, Kemi George, David Howard, Rivke Jaffe, Adonna Jardine-Comrie, Linda Johnson-Bhola, Shakira Khan, Duncan McGregor, Susan Otuokon, Kevon Rhiney, Edward Robinson, Deborah-Ann Rowe, Elizabeth Thomas-Hope, Patrick Williams, Hebe Verrest

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  • External: X00037
  • Published: 2009 - University of the West Indies Press
  • Area: Caribbean
  • Theme: Policy and planning
  • Language: English

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