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Building Resilience

State of the World 2009 is intended to inject new inspiration and energy into national and international climate negotiations by conveying the profound, long-term consequences of the experiment we are now conducting on the Earth's atmosphere, with an emphasis on the human and ecological effects of that transformation. The book will also examine the policy changes needed to combat climate change and will explore the economic benefits that could flow from the transition, including the potential to create new industries and jobs in rich and poor countries alike.

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  • External: X00015
  • Published: Jan 2009 - W.W Norton & Company
  • Theme: Urban
  • Source pub: L. Starke (ed) State of the World: Into a Warming World
  • Language: English

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Dodman, D., J. Ayers, et al. (2009). Building Resilience. State of the World: Into a Warming World. New York; London, W.W Norton & Company, pages 151-168.
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