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European Capacity Building Initiative – ecbi Training and Support Programme

Brianna Craft

Project flyer, 2 pages

The European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi), launched in 2005, aims to support the international climate change negotiations by building and sustaining capacity among developing country negotiators, and by fostering trust between both developed and developing country negotiators.
The Training and Support Programme, which IIED delivers, aims to provide a level playing field to help negotiators and national policymakers from vulnerable developing countries to improve their knowledge of the UNFCCC decision-making process so they can engage in it effectively and translate its outcomes into national level implementation.
This flyer summarises the project and our achievements in the past four years, and lays out our vision for the Programme's next phase, for which IIED is seeking further support.

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Project information

We aim to create a more level playing field for all government delegations taking part in climate negotiations at the international level through our work. That's why IIED manages the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi) training and support programme, which focuses on building the capacity of UNFCCC negotiators from vulnerable developing countries.

More at www.iied.org:
Workshops that build climate negotiators' capacity: European Capacity Building Initiative training and support programme

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