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Making ecosystem-based adaptation effective: a framework for defining qualification criteria and quality standards

Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) links traditional biodiversity and ecosystem conservation approaches with sustainable socio-economic development as part of an overall strategy for helping people adapt to shocks and risks associated with climate change.

In the context of increasing political commitment and funding it is essential to sharpen the understanding among policymakers and practitioners on what qualifies as EbA, to avoid the incorrect re-packaging of 'business-as-usual' conservation or development approaches.

This Friends of EbA network (FEBA) paper provides a practical assessment framework for designing, implementing and monitoring EbA measures and encourages its use among practitioners and decision makers.

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FEBA (Friends of Ecosystem-based Adaptation) (2017) Making Ecosystem-based Adaptation Effective: A Framework for Defining Qualification Criteria and Quality Standards (FEBA technical paper developed for UNFCCC-SBSTA 46)
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Ecosystem management and restoration can be a very important part of climate change adaptation, and communities can play a central role in the process, but the evidence base needs strengthening. IIED and partners are working in 12 countries to promote effective EbA and sustainable development.

More at www.iied.org:
Ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation

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