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SITAM - Sustainable intensification: trade-offs for agricultural management (inception workshop report)

The SITAM project addresses the challenges and opportunities of smallholder farmers, in particular poor farmers and women farmers, in managing the trade-offs between production, sustainability, and other socioeconomic and environmental factors, in the face of climate change, population growth and changing diets. The project aims to bring about changes in the knowledge, awareness, attitudes and capacity of decision makers and other actors at local and national level, in support of proven pro-poor approaches for scaling up sustainable intensification of agriculture that recognises farmers’ perceptions of synergies and trade-offs. The SITAM project inception workshop was held in Fada N’gourma in eastern Burkina Faso in June 2016. This report summarises the proceedings and outcomes of the workshop.

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It is a huge challenge to achieve food security for all in a way that is sustainable in environmental, economic and social terms. And there are different views on what dimension of sustainability should have priority when trying to produce 'more with less'.

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Trade-offs in sustainable intensification

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