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SITAM - Sustainable intensification: trade-offs for agricultural management (project flyer)

Barbara Adolph


Over 42 months the SITAM project will address the challenges and opportunities of smallholder farmers, in particular poor farmers and women farmers, in managing the trade-offs between production, sustainability and other socioeconomic and environmental factors. The project will co-generate research findings with communities and local stakeholders in eastern Burkina Faso, northwest Ghana and central Malawi, using household and community level processes. The project will engage with decision makers via National Learning Alliances in order to bring about changes in their knowledge, awareness, attitudes and capacities.

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It is a huge challenge to achieve food security for all in a way that is sustainable in environmental, economic and social terms. And there are different views on what dimension of sustainability should have priority when trying to produce 'more with less'.

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Trade-offs in sustainable intensification

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