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Forest and Farm Producer Organizations- Operating Systems for the SDGs

FAO, Agricord


By supporting smallholder foresters and farmers through their organizations, the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) continues a long-running collaboration between FAO and AgriCord. Now, together with the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA), we have made this compilation of cases that highlight how forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) are vital operating systems for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our aim is to raise awareness of the ways in which effective FFPOs can bring rural populations into the global agenda for development. And we invite governments, development partners, civil society and the private sector to help channel further support to FFPOs in their critical role as effective local actors for sustainable global development.

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  • IIED code: G04054
  • Published: 2016 - FAO and Agricord, Rome
  • Theme: Forests
  • Language: English

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Project information

The Forest and Farm Facility's vision is that smallholders, communities, and indigenous peoples and women's organisations have improved livelihoods and decision-making over forest and farm landscapes.

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Forest and Farm Facility Phase I

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