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The Southern Voices Climate Change Advocacy Tools 1-9

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When the Southern Voices Programme was first initiated, detailed guidance on how to conduct climate change advocacy was unavailable, and networks engaged in advocacy and awareness raising activities using a ‘learning by doing’ approach with support from members of the climate capacity consortium. In 2012, advocacy experiences from across the networks were compiled and synthesised into an international report “Southern voices on climate policy choices”. Networks achieved a great deal from these efforts, as documented in the many case studies described in the report and the new ones presented in these climate change advocacy toolkits. The aim of these toolkits is thus to share these experiences with others and also provide guidance and a number of analytical and practical tools to help civil society actors plan and conduct their climate change advocacy activities better.

These toolkits were collated, written and edited by Hannah Reid, Ian Chandler, Raja Jarrah and Peter With.

Each toolkit can be found separately on the Southern Voices website, following the link below 'Additional information'.

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