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Policy and Institutional Mapping for Small scale Producers' Participation in Dynamic Markets in Pakistan

Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

Event/workshop report

This two-day workshop was organized as a part of the process of institutional and policy mapping in Pakistan to get perspectives of multi stakeholders and build close coordination among them for strategic interventions to create awareness and protect small producers and SMEs focusing specifically on Kinnow from Sargodha District. The workshops were organized by SDPI with the support from the project Regoverning Markets and help from different individuals.

Various issues affecting farmers from production to marketing were raised through group discussions. Lack of an effective policy framework from government side, strong and exploitative role of middlemen and poorly managed water policy were some key issues raised. The need for stronger government intervention, diversification in production of citrus to secure a good position in global markets and properly managed nurseries were strongly pointed out to secure and safeguard the position of small farmers and strengthen their access in changing agri-food market nationally and internationally. At the end of the session, the formation of an advisory group was announced. This will comprise different stakeholders for collective and coordinated efforts to safeguard the interests of small producers and SMEs.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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Ahmad Ramay, S., (2007). Policy and Institutional Mapping for Small scale Producers' Participation in Dynamic Markets in Pakistan, IIED, London.

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The Regoverning Markets project focused on the modernisation of agrifood markets in emerging economies, and implications for small-scale producers. The goal was to secure more equitable producer and trade benefits in response to those changes. It was a multi-partner collaborative research programme made up of a consortium of some 20 research organisations and funding agencies.

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