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Fair Ideas conference programme 16/17th June 2012


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IIED and PUC are delighted to welcome you to Fair ideas. We hope this event makes a significant contribution to Rio+20 and creates a strong basis for follow-up. The agenda has been carefully put together to bring out cutting-edge ideas and examples that can make a major difference in addressing problems of poverty and unsustainability. The speakers and organisations holding sessions during Fair ideas will draw on their experience to throw light on what’s happening now around the world; they are also well placed to listen and act on opportunities that emerge during the event. IIED is committed to translating our expertise and convening capacity into a wider movement for change. We see the Rio+20 summit as the start of a process that can lead to real change from local to global levels, and Fair ideas is an important step in this direction.

Fair ideas includes a mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions, seminars, workshops and networking events, focused on four themes (see overleaf). In this programme you will find
information on all the sessions taking place over the two days, including details of principal speakers and contributing organisations.

On pages 34 to 35 you can find out about the facilities and resources available throughout Fair ideas — from wifi to catering — and on the back cover is a map of the venue to help you find your way around all the Fair ideas sessions and spaces.

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