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Agrifood Sector Studies South Africa: Restructuring Food Markets South Africa - dynamics within the tomato subsector

The restructuring of the South African food markets is observed through consolidation, trans-nationalization and the emergence and disappearance of supply chain actors. Advanced stages of consolidation are observable in most sectors of the South African food supply chain. They are evident from relatively high levels of concentration observable in food production, processing, wholesale and retailing. Despite reasonably high and rising levels of foreign direct investment in South Africa, inward trans-nationalization into the South African food sector is limited to a few small multinationals. This is, arguably, due to the country's remote geographical position away from industrialised regions. Outward trans-nationalization of South African firms investing outside of South Africa is growing, with many food retailers embarking on regional expansion strategies, primarily into Africa.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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