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Promoting service provider and producer organisations: A case study of Soja NYO

This case study on the Togolese company Soja Nyo describes an innovative mechanism for including small producers in a dynamic sector of the agrifood market: the soya commodity chain. Service provider and producer organisations (SPPOs) are an organisational innovation that have been put in place with support from the Centre International de Développement et de Recherche (CIDR) to enable small producers in various African countries to gain sustainable access to more lucrative markets, by involving them in strategies and decision-making downstream from their production.

The general procedure for the SPPO programme is to modernise family farms by securing their access to the market, targeting local urban markets, and establishing long-term cooperation between two complementary dynamics - producer organisations and service providers. This study describes the key stages in establishing the SPPO Soja Nyo, and the costs and benefits of this innovation for the different actors involved.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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