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Innovative Practice Indonesia - The transparent margin partnership model: Linking mango farmers to dynamic markets

The main objective of the study is to generate policy lessons and working methods to guide public policy makers and private actors in supporting greater inclusion of small-scale producers in dynamic markets. The study shows that the transparent margin system is a co]innovating marketing institution which provides small farmers access to a modern market supply chain. Evolution of the innovation has created dynamic changes at the producer level. Factors that support small farmer inclusion are the farmer's ability, willingness, and trust to make changes, and receive its benefit.

Sustainability of the transparent margin system is dependent on commitment, level of trust in the partnership, the transformation of marketing institution, an innovative learning process, risk managements, and the role of rural production organisation in the marketing system. The innovation of the partnership can be replicated by facilitating and giving incentives to the supply chain champion.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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