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From the Amazon to the supermarket: Innovation and the integration of small-scale Amazonian chilli pepper producers

This document provides an in-depth description of the innovation processes involved in forming links between small-scale producers in the Colombian Amazon and supermarkets in Bogota in order to market chilli pepper sauces and Amazonian fruits as local biodiversity products. Small-scale producers have accessed dynamic markets as a result of the formation of a broad network made up of research institutions, universities, non-governmental organisations, ministries and private sector entities. Small-scale farmers need new capacities and forms of organisation in order to deal with entry conditions and standards in these markets, and this has presented a great challenge to them.

The Amazonian context also implies serious limitations on marketing activities due to both geographical isolation and poor production support networks. We conclude that these producers face two main challenges. Firstly, in order for the innovation to remain sustainable and flexible, small producers must develop and maintain alliances with agents responsible for marketing and promotion of the product in ‘distant' markets and they must learn to take timely decisions in order to succeed. Secondly, they must improve their organisational and business capacities to meet the processing and marketing standards and conditions required to enter the dynamic and demanding green markets.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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