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As of now, we are stakeholders in local governance (PLA 64)

In 2009 a group of young people from Senegal took part in a governance project which gave them the opportunity to participate in local governance processes which, until then, had been reserved exclusively for adults. This article was written by 37 young people from the Louga region. Their co-author Serigne Malick Fall is a consultant for Plan Senegal and coordinated the project. This article describes how they learnt to actively and effectively participate in the management of their schools and community development planning. The young people describe how they organised themselves to carry out effective advocacy work with duty bearers, analyse their priorities and participate in their communities’ annual investment planning sessions. It describes how the young people have both transformed the context in which they act – and how they are now perceived by the adults they collaborated with.

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA, formerly PLA Notes) is the world's leading series on participatory approaches and methods. PLA publishes articles on participation aimed at practitioners, researchers, academics and activists. All articles are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board. See: www.planotes.org

Keywords: Children, youth, young people, child rights, participatory governance.

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