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Mainstreaming environment and climate change: Agriculture

IIED, Irish Aid


Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from hunger. Improving food security over the coming decades will ultimately rely on our ability to make agriculture both more productive and more resilient to shocks, such as floods, droughts, market fluctuations and pest outbreaks. Achieving this means using our environment, on which agriculture depends, more sustainably. In particular, we will need to tackle three key environmental issues — declining diversity, water scarcity and climate change — in a way that does not compromise development goals. Delivering pro-poor, sustainable and more productive agriculture requires policymakers to integrate environment into food and farming policies, programmes, activities and funding decisions, in a process known as ‘mainstreaming’.

Publication information

  • IIED code: G03098
  • Published: Apr 2011 - IIED and Irish Aid
  • Theme: Food and agriculture
  • Language: English

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