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Securing pastoralism in East and West Africa: protecting and promoting livestock mobility. Somaliland/Somali Region Desk Review

Izzy Birch


This is one of a series of desk reviews produced as part of the project ‘Securing Pastoralism in East and West Africa: Protecting and Promoting Livestock Mobility’. Its focus is livestock mobility in Somaliland and the Somali National Regional State (SNRS) of Ethiopia (also known as the Somali region). These areas share a similar ecology and have strong economic, political and social ties. References are made to relevant experiences elsewhere in Ethiopia and in other Somali-speaking parts of the Horn of Africa, but these were not the specific focus of the study.

The desk review focused on two issues:
1. The context affecting livestock mobility.
2. The work of key development and research actors involved in promoting livestock mobility.

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Livestock mobility is crucial for ensuring high livestock productivity, market access and building prosperous and peaceful societies in the drylands. IIED and partners documented a number of successful initiatives to facilitate mobility and experimented with scenario planning to help empower pastoralists and allow them to influence decisions on policy or resource allocation.

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Supporting pastoral mobility in East and West Africa

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