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Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty

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The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty is expected to generate a purposeful collaboration between indigenous communities, scientists and policy researchers, leading to the emergence of a “new science of complexity based on modern and traditional knowledge for the design of resilient food and agricultural systems that would have lower carbon and ecological footprints.” The Partnership aims to work with indigenous organizations to revitalize locally controlled, biodiversity rich food systems.

The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty (the Indigenous Partnership) is supported by The Christensen Fund, and also includes:

* Three indigenous organisations (Tebtebba Foundation of the Philippines, Asociación ANDES of Peru, and Vanuatu Cultural Centre of Vanuatu);
* An international agricultural research body (Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research [PAR] hosted by Bioversity International, Rome);
* An international policy research group (the Food and Agriculture Team of the International Institute for Environment and Development [IIED], London); and
* A social movement organisation with interest in good, clean and fair food and biodiversity (Slow Food International, Bra, Italy).

This report summarises the results of a Indigenous Partnership, a scoping workshop that was organised in Peru to generate ideas of how the perspectives of indigenous peoplesand local communities on agrobiodiversity and food sovereignty could be promoted at both national and international platforms.

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