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REDD Working Papers: REDD and sustainable development – perspective from Viet Nam

Poverty and sustainable development impacts of REDD architecture is a multi-country project led by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED, UK) and the University of Life Sciences (Aas, Norway).

In the first phase of the project, exploratory studies of different aspects of the design of REDD mechanisms were conducted to lay the foundation for the work in Phase 2. These Working Papers are designed to share the preliminary findings of research undertaken during the first phase of this project. They have not been subject to a full peer review process and are being made available online to stimulate discussion and feedback.

This report from Viet Nam surveys priority areas with the most potential for REDD projects in Viet Nam. Through looking at the forest cover change and associated carbon density at district, province and national level, this report unmasks the patterns of afforestation and deforestation behind the net deforestation rate nationally in Viet Nam, which is close to zero.

Following this analysis, the established priority areas are considered in terms of their opportunity costs for REDD against their likely alternative use for agricultural development.

Publication information

  • IIED code: G02773
  • Published: Aug 2010 - IIED
  • Area: Vietnam
  • Theme: Economics
  • Language: English

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Project information

From 2009-13 this IIED project looked at how REDD+ could be designed to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty, as well as reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

More at www.iied.org:
Designing REDD+ to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty

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