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Towards good practice in the oil and gas contracting chain: Kazakhstan country report (in Russian/Русский)

This report is a Kazakhstan country contribution to a research project exploring the environmental and social performance of local contractors in the oil and gas supply chain. The project has focused on oil and gas supply chains in Russia (focusing on
Russian Arctic regions and Sakhalin Island) and Kazakhstan (Atyrau Oblast principally) supplemented by a range of discussions and desk-based research on the practices of oil companies and contractors based in the UK and Norway. This report is based on desk research and discussions with officials, businesses and non-governmental organisations in Atyrau, Astana and Almaty. Conversations with stakeholders in Atyrau took place over the period 9th-18th June 2007. A questionnaire survey of 8 local contractors (with 5 responses received) was carried out during July and August 2007. The report is intended to provide a primer on the kinds of issues that may need to be addressed if the positive social and environmental performance of Kazakhstani contractors in the oil and gas sector is to be maximised.

Publication information

  • IIED code: G02750
  • Published: 2009 - IIED
  • Theme: Energy
  • Language: Русский

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Ospanova, S & Ward H (2009) 'Towards good practice in the oil and gas contracting chain: Kazakhstan country report'. IIED
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