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Building a collaborative platform for climate change: an action research approach

Tighe Geoghegan

Case study

The rapid increase in development assistance funding for climate
change has brought with it opportunities to scale up work on development and poverty reduction. But there is also a danger that adaptation interventions will not be based on sound research, or that research will not be relevant or accessible to the developing countries it is meant to serve.

Bangladesh, which is already feeling impacts from climate change and investing substantial domestic and international funding in adaptation, faces these opportunities and dangers right now. In the United Kingdom, development research institutes are responding to the global attention on climate change in their programmes and staff expertise. Research on adaptation in developing countries is being commissioned by development assistance agencies, research programmes, and donors, but none of these efforts is coordinated or systematically focused on the priority problems of specific developing countries. This case study looks at an action research approach to building a collaborative research platform for climate change in Bangladesh.

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