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Non-timber forest products and forest governance

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) play an important role in the life and economy of people living in and around forests. Many NTFPs are important subsistence products while others are a valuable source of income. India presents a compelling case for the study of NTFPs and their governance. Not only are India’s forests richly endowed with NTFPs, it also has one of the largest populations of forest-dependent people in the world. This report synthesises findings of three state-level studies on NTFP governance carried out in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. The studies focus on five key NTFPs that are important both economically and ecologically - bamboo, tendu leaves, mahua flowers, tamarind fruit and sal seeds.

Publication information

  • IIED code: G02293
  • Published: Jul 2008 - FGLG India and IIED
  • Area: India
  • Theme: Forests
  • Language: English

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