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NGOs, Business and the Challenges of ‘Scaling Up’:

This was the second in a series of workshops exploring the role of NGOs in markets. The first in the series was convened on 26th March 2007 and was entitled: ‘NGOs as Market Actors: Roles and responsibilities in supporting small producers in low income countries’. The workshop highlighted the need to explore in more depth the respective roles of and relationships between NGOs and business within markets.

As a result of key issues highlighted in the first workshop, it was decided to focus on the theme of ‘scaling up’ for the second workshop. Specifically the objectives were:

* To explore the roles of NGOs and business in providing support to small and medium sized enterprises in low-income countries

* To learn from some practical experiences of scaling up market initiatives in the agriculture and energy sectors

* To identify options for networking and collaboration to address the challenges of scaling up

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