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Document begins: Chapter 4 SEA EXPERIENCE IN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION EIA requirements are now an established component of development cooperation. Recently, the use of SEA to promote more sustainable and integrated approaches to sectoral and broader development plans, programmes and policies has also been emphasised by multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and by other international development organisations. This emphasis by the donor community has resulted in a growing SEA practice in developing countries and a vector for the wider introduction and adaptation of SEA for domestic applications. The World Bank is in a leading position in this regard ­ and we describe its activities in the field of SEA first; but other multilateral and bilateral donor agencies have important SEA initiatives underway and these are then described in alphabetic order in sections 4.1 (multilateral development agencies) and section 4.2 (bilateral aid agencies). 4.1 SEA in multi-lateral development agencies 4.1.1 The World Bank1 Two forms of SEA - sectoral and regional environmental assessments - have been part of World Bank policy and procedures for environmental assessment (EA) since 1989 when they were introduced by Operational Directive 4.00 (Annex A, 1989). These assessments are the responsibility of the borrowers and the World Bank ...

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  • IIED code: G02201
  • Published: Jan 2002
  • Theme: Governance
  • Language: English

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