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Document begins: APPENDICES 1 SEA legal and policy benchmarks 2 Some Key Questions for Assessing the Utility of SEA in Developing Countries 3 The Situation regarding SEA in Countries in Transition prior to 1997 4 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 5. Recommendations for SEA of regional development plans in CEE countries 6. Principles, their implications for CIDA and key factors for SEA 7. Sub-national economic and environment planning (E-c-E) 8. Legal requirements for SEA in selected Spanish regions 9. Principles, their implications for CIDA and key factors for SEA 10. Sustainability Impact Assessment of WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations 11. Examples of Integration Mechanisms and Role of Environmental Assessment from Selected EU Member States 12. Step-by-step guidance on application and use of procedures and methods in SEA good practice 13. Considerations for UNDP quality programming 319 320 Appendix 1: SEA legal and policy benchmarks 1970 U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (1969) -- requires "proposals for legislation and other major federal actions significantly affecting the.environment" to include a "detailed statement.on the environmental impact" (Sec. 102 (2)(c)); California Environmental Quality Act -- modelled after NEPA and applies to activities proposed or approved by state agencies, including programmes, plans & staged projects (Guidelines Sec. 15165 - ...

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  • IIED code: G02197
  • Published: 1066
  • Theme: Governance
  • Language: English

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