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International Stakeholders Panel on Mainstreaming Environment in Development


Document begins: International Stakeholders Panel on Mainstreaming Environment in Development: 1 Producing a `User Guide' to effective tools and methods for integrating environment and development Final Proposal to PEP (IIED, January 2007) Summary The challenge to integrate environment into development has never been more urgent. Infrastructure and agriculture must be climate-proofed. Industry must be energy- and water-efficient. Poor people's environmental deprivations must be tackled in development activity. Their environmental rights must be recognised and supported. To achieve this, major policy, planning, investment and monitoring institutions need to change. There are many tasks involved in `environmental mainstreaming' ­ covering advocacy, analysis, planning, investment, management, and monitoring. Getting them right is not always easy: the environment is usually treated as an externality in major institutions. Change will be slow without adequate stakeholder pressure and learning from experience of `what works'. There has been little sharing of experience on conducting `environmental mainstreaming' tasks between stakeholders. In contrast, there is too much untested guidance on how to go about the tasks. This is why IIED proposed an independent `International Stakeholders Panel on Mainstreaming Environment in Development'. The current document elaborates this idea, and the notion of the Panel producing a `User Guide' to environmental ...

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