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Document begins: Chapter 16 CONCLUSIONS The current scope of impact assessment ­ the categories of effects and linkages that are typically considered in development decision making ­ is being broadened all the time. Early institutional development of this process centred on EIA systems, which primarily are applied to large scale projects and typically take limited account of social, health and demographic issues. More recently, attention has focused on SEA of policies, plans and programmes. Now the interest is in developing more integrated approaches to impact assessment to respond to the imperative of sustainable development and to bring together the substantive and the institutional sides of this challenge. This can be undertaken using EIA and SEA as entry points; or using other economic or social appraisal processes or strategic planning processes (eg sustainable development strategies, poverty reduction strategies ­ see Chopter 15) as the drivers for integration. In the UK and within the EC, integrated policy and planning processes are evolving that incorporate sustainability-type appraisal. There is no single best approach. Yet there is also no shortage of promoters of particular frameworks and methodologies, and brand names abound. In this chapter, we do not intend to enter this debate but instead ...

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  • IIED code: G02167
  • Published: Jan 2004
  • Theme: Governance
  • Language: English

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