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Document begins: Tips for trainers TIPS FOR The Snowball TRAINERS by MIKE McCALL, HOLLY Table 1: Programme of parallel sessions ASHLEY and GIACOMO Day 1 Topic 1: Enabling and disabling environments for PGIS/ community mapping RAMBALDI practice ­ plenary Working group 1 Working group 2 Working group 3 Introduction Day 2 Topic 2: Methodological issues One important element at the Working group 1: Methods for Working group 2: Working group 3: Mapping for Change conference was representing local Supporting cultural `Participatory the use of parallel working group knowledge/mental maps heritage preservation and numbers': issues of sessions. These followed the main (what is a community? How identity building among scale, accuracy and plenary sessions in the mornings. to approach community indigenous Peoples and sensitivity in PGIS Each session was devoted to a issues? Understanding issues rural communities. practice. of power; adding authority to different topic relating to the ISK etc.) morning's discussions. On each of the three conference days, participants were able to choose an Day 3 Topic 3: Implementation issues (best practice) and ways forward afternoon session they wanted to Working group 1: Land and Working groups 2 and 3: Working group 4: attend. resources rights and Participatory land use ...

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