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A participatory approach to assessing the impact of a community-based animal health project with Maasai communities in Tanzania (PLA 45)

Detailing an impact assessment into a CAHW initiative within Maasai communities in Tanzania, 4 years after it was established, this paper documents both the negative and positive effects of the project, and how the impact assessment was used to produce a framework for future activities and monitoring. This article was published in PLA 45: Community-based animal healthcare. This special issue looks at community-based animal health workers (CAHW) and the important role they have played, and could play in the future, in maintaining and improving livestock health in rural areas. Drawing on the experiences of various grassroots programmes across Africa and Asia, this collection of papers address many of the factors that hinder the use of CAHWs, like the lack of recognition within governments and problems with complex disease management, while also detailing the many advantages, like unparalleled access to communities and short training periods in comparison to formally trained veterinary doctors.

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