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Document begins: editorial Welcome to issue 45 of diagnose and treat health problems, Sudan Livestock Programme in south- PLA Notes play an important role in helping ern Sudan. He has also worked in national strategies for vaccination, Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea. ORIAL Special theme assist with the collection of samples In this issue, the theme section looks for disease surveillance, and provide General section EDIT at community-based animal health- data for other forms of research. They The general section in this issue care, or participatory epidemiology. can also play an important role in includes five articles. Whilst the topic of animal health mobilising and informing communi- Paul van Mele and AKM Zakaria covers many other areas, such as ties about animal health issues, in a write about a new participatory rapid nutrition and animal husbandry, many participatory way. The articles look at appraisal (PRA) tool called the Innova- of the more progressive recent devel- both the pros and cons of the CAHW tion Tree, which helps people to visu- opments in animal health have been approach, issues around training, alise and analyse how an innovation is focused around participatory epidemi- remuneration, and effectiveness, and spread between community ology. provide ...

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