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Welcome to this issue of PLA Notes, which is slightly later than usual!

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Document begins: Editorial Welcome and news What drawbacks did you come across? What did you learn from your experiences that you would like to share? Welcome to this issue of PLA Notes, which is slightly later than usual! PLA Notes 41 has a range of articles fro m Guidelines for authors can be found on the inside back- authors of diff e rent disciplines, areas of re s e a rch and cover of this issue. We always welcome your b a c k g rounds. This reflects your responses, taken from our contributions! PLA Notes really depends on your input and recent Readership Survey, that subscribers would like to reflections as readers, and as practitioners in the field. read more articles about general topics from time to time. We hope that there will be something of intere s t for all of you. In this issue This year has seen some changes in the PLA Notes team at As a general issue, we have a broad range of articles in IIED. Laura Greenwood, who has co-ordinated, edited and PLA Notes 41. The first article by Christopher Townsend is contributed so much to the success of the Notes over the unusual ...

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