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Pre-Election voters' awareness campaign in Rajasthan

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Document begins: Pre-Election voters' awareness 12 campaign in Rajasthan ­ a journey Ajaya Kumar Mohapatra PRIA ­ The Participatory Research Institute Figure 1 Ajaya's portrait (from IDS workshop, of Asia May 2000) PRIA is an international centre for learning and promotion of participation and democratic governance. It is based in New Delhi, India. For nearly two decades, PRIA has been promoting people- c e n t red development initiatives within the perspective of participatory re s e a rch. Strengthening popular knowledge, demystifying dominant concepts and promoting experiential l e a rning and people's participation have been the basis of supporting empowerment of the poor and the oppressed in PRIA's work. P R I A's mission is to promote people-centred, holistic and c o m p rehensive evolution of society characterised by fre e d o m , justice, equity and sustainability by: · creating opportunities of sharing, analysing and learning among formations of civil society (in particular, people's organisations and NGOs); · engaging in independent and critical analysis of societal trends and issues, development policies and programmes; and, · enabling dialogue across diverse perspectives, sectors and institutions. In 1999, PRIA embarked on a programme to increase citizen participation in governance ...

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