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Radio Ijambo and the petrol price rise

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Document begins: Radio Ijambo and the petrol price rise 9 Aloys Niyoyita standard of living has been decreasing drastically: prices of STUDIO IJAMBO staple goods have increased, whereas peoples' incomes Studio Ijambo was set up two years after large scale massacres broke out between the two main ethnic groups in Burundi. In 1994 in have continued to decrease. neighbouring Rwanda the hate radio RTLM (Radio mille collines) and Kanguka news paper to name but two, had been used by politicians Since then price of petrol has risen more than four times. to pour oil on the fire of the Rwandan genocide. The same danger For example, a litre of gas which cost 190 Burundi Francs was threatening Burundi whose ethnic components are the same as in 1994 today costs 600 Burundi Francs. in Rwanda. From 1994-96 several newspapers were publicly inciting people to commit violent acts against officials and ordinary citizens. The following radio programme was made in April 2000. A hate radio called Rutomorangingo owned by rebels and operating After two months' speculation on oil prices by local from an unknown location started airing programmes focusing on ethnic issues, furthering the already existing mistrust between the businessmen, the government decided ...

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