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The inky and talking people of the Pacific Coast of Colombia

Journal article
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Document begins: The inky and talking people of the 7 Pacific Coast of Colombia Luis Jaime Ariza Te l l o certain results; for example, if we want the text to be FUNDACIÓN HABLASCRIBE ­ THE TALKWRITE legible, for the left and the right to be where we expect FOUNDATION them to be and for images to come out `in positive'. The author of this story is a sociologist and social communicator and is the current director of the Fundación HablaScribe (Cali, Colombia), an organisation which has supported processes of popular I saw Alvaro again four months later, when I decided to communication in the south-west of Colombia for thirteen years, go back to Cali, my birth place. I was desperately looking mainly with black and indigenous communities. These communities for work. I had thrown in my job on the Pacific Coast are marginalised and oppressed by government and mainstream because I had ended up shut up inside the four walls of Colombian society. the office. The organisation I was working for had cancelled the funding for the research I was doing on the oral traditions of the black peoples of the region. One Introduction afternoon, Alvaro called to invite me ...

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