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Keys to unleash mapping's good magic

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Document begins: Keys to unleash mapping's 2 good magic Janis B. Alcorn Introduction excitedly exchange ideas and share their problems. In this Maps can work magic (see Box 1). They communicate article, I share some practical insights with the hope that information immediately. They convey a sense of these will be valuable for isolated practitioners who want authority. As a consequence, community-based maps to try mapping but would like to learn from others' empower grassroots efforts to hold government experiences. accountable. This mapping is not `action research'; it is political action. Maps allow participation in arenas dominated by the maps of governments and corporations. Where democratic Over the past decade, I have watched and supported processes are weak, maps are good tools for challenging mapping practitioners' progress in different situations development projects that hurt communities. Using maps, around the world. Whenever they come together, they community members can evaluate the impacts of an Figure 1 Section of Tagbanwa map from the Philippines showing the island of Coron with a chain of large lakes in the central mountains1 1 Symbols mark sacred reefs, fish sanctuaries, protected swift zones and protected mangroves under Tagbanua customary law. The darkest line is the edge of ...

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