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Document begins: Feedback Using participatory research techniques to investigate local notions of malaria in a Nigerian community: focus on field-workers' C. Otutubikey Izugbara, conduct and behaviour with a response from Somesh Kumar Feedback is a forum for discussion in PLA Notes. It Methods and gaining entrance features articles which raise common concerns or into the community challenges in fieldwork or training together with a Brainstorming and group interview sessions were the response from another practitioner of participatory major tools used in the study. These enabled us to approaches. Letters and articles are welcomed for achieve a focused understanding of the complex socio- this section, as are your comments on any of the cultural context of malaria-related beliefs amongst the issues raised by Feedback. community. In addition, individual interviews were held with some key respondents (for example, traditional healers, members of the community who were already ill, adults, relatives of sick people etc.), and these Introduction complemented the two techniques mentioned above. All Through a study of local knowledge of malaria among the discussions and interviews were recorded on audiotapes. Ngwa of south-eastern Nigeria, useful insights are Copious explanatory notes were developed from emerging about the critical implications of the conduct ...

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