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Tips for trainers Team formation: poker style

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Document begins: Tips for trainers Team formation: poker style Fran├žoise Coupal Introduction all managers or national counterparts, we assigned a different poker chip or coloured paper to each criterion. This exercise is used to form teams based on criteria set by For example, for gender we gave yellow chips or pieces of participants. I have particularly used this exercise in PRA/PLA paper to women participants and white to men etc. All workshops, which involve practical three-day community those with prior experience of PRA methods were counted assignments that enable participants to apply the PRA/PLA up and given a different coloured piece of paper and so on. tools learned in the workshop. The exercise is very efficient and effective in forming teams and ensures that teams It is important to keep track of the number of persons per contain a balance in terms of gender, skills, and experience. criteria. Thus, if there is a total of five teams and only four village leaders, then villagers must each choose a different Objective community assignment to ensure that there is balance in all To form multidisciplinary teams in a participatory and of the teams with one team only without a village leader. transparent ...

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