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A seven year northern training journey

Journal article
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Document begins: A seven year northern 22 training journey Andy Inglis · Officials felt threatened by the concepts involved Introduction (especially the perceived lack of `control'). After working for 10 years in the `South' for various · In-country social change professionals felt threatened by international NGOs, bilateral agencies and the UN (FAO), I the concepts involved (especially the onus on reaching made the decision to become self-employed to try to bring and meaningfully involving people who were not activists innovative participatory approaches being used in the or in established community groups). `South' to the `North'. I wanted to do this because I was · Those who were explicitly racist and did not want to see feeling increasingly uneasy and hypocritical about being any similarity between the `North' and the `South' and part of what appeared to me to be a one-way PRA crusade, were very uncomfortable about comparisons. as if civic life the `North' was already participatory enough · Having to compete against established packages such as and there was no room for improvement in public Planning for Real, Future Search, etc. consultation and community empowerment practice there. · Being immediately associated with the promoters and I also increasingly felt that ...

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