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Sowing seeds of sustainability with Dùthchas

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Document begins: Sowing seeds of sustainability 16 with Dùthchas Sine Gillespie, Meg Telfer and Vanessa Halhead on behalf of the Dùthchas team Background to the Dùthchas Project services. Furthermore, our infrastructure is sub-standard The Dùthchas Project was set up in 1998 by a partnership and unemployment is high, whilst primary commodities like of public agencies, to address issues of sustainable food, petrol and energy are very expensive. Tourism is our development in some of the most remote and fragile prime economy but it scarcely offers seasonal security for communities of the Scottish Highlands and Islands on the local people. All of this affects us in the worst possible way, north west periphery of Great Britain. Dùthchas is funded by diminishing our population through the out-migration of under the EU LIFE Environment Programme as a young people from the area. Therefore, it is our challenge demonstration project, which may have the potential to to address all of the features that make up sustainable transfer to other areas. societies, which is what we have been doing with the Dùthchas Project. The three pilot areas of Dùthchas (North The aim of the Project is to develop local strategies and Sutherland, North Uist and the ...

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