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Community documentaries and participatory video

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Document begins: Community documentaries 15 and participatory video Al Garthwaite Introduction of our productions involve participants interviewing people Vera Media is an video production and training partnership they see as being in authority positions ­ adults, local set up in 1985 in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the North of England. shopkeepers, community police officers, a housing It now produces a wide range of commissioned manager, a lecturer, politicians. Being in front of the camera documentary and drama productions, mainly for education, is an unnerving experience for many people. For young arts, public and voluntary sector organisations. people, and those who feel disempowered, to be the powerful ones behind the camera, asking questions of an Vera Media also produces an increasing number of adult and a professional who is, at that moment, more participatory, or community, video documentaries, and it is nervous than they are, is a reversal of roles that can lead to this participatory video work that will be presented here. huge changes. We find this an excellent way to involve, develop and empower a wide variety of women's, youth, older people's Of course we don't tell people about all this in advance and generally socially excluded groups, including those (except ...

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