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PLA Notes 37 February 2000 20 Learning to relearn givens

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Document begins: PLA Notes 37 February 2000 20 Learning to relearn givens Jill Lewis The project spreads Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV. Gender is seen as a social and Living for Tomorrow is a three-year cultural system that has institutionalised action/research pilot project at The Nordic problematic inequality between men and Institute for Women's Studies and Gender women. If the dominant gender system in a Research (NIKK). It is working for HIV culture normalises forms of passivity, complicity, dependence or disempowerment prevention with a key focus on gender issues for women, and normalises forms of control, affecting sexual beliefs and behaviour. It is exploitation, access to power or force for men, actively engaged with people from countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, with its that very gender system itself needs to be core action collaboration in Estonia, an active changed in order to support safer behaviour `satellite' link to Lithuania and involvement that depends on more democratic sexual from St. Petersburg in Russia. relations. Drawing on recent gender and feminist research, and the most challenging of international debates on gender and AIDS, the The main efforts of the project are: ยท project explores how a gender-focused to develop ...

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