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PLA Notes 37 February 2000 17 Mapping the effects of vasectomy

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Document begins: PLA Notes 37 February 2000 17 Mapping the effects of vasectomy Ann Sturley with medical practitioners, past or present Introduction contraceptive users and all adult members of a sample of families. A survey was carried out In a rural district of Nepal, as part of a year- with 215 married women of reproductive age long study of reasons for non-use of (15-49) and their husbands, 165 men2. The contraceptives, group sessions were held with final activity was an exchange of information with the community to correct misinformation men who had undergone vasectomy1. Hand- about locally available contraceptives and drawn outlines of a man's body were used to HIV, to ask directly what the villagers thought focus the men's discussion about their experiences. A main result of this exercise about some preliminary findings and to allay was the finding that men believe that any remaining fears and misconceptions about vasectomy involves severing a vital channel, the research. This article explores one aspect causing problems wherever this channel goes of the research, men's post-vasectomy experiences. in the body. This article describes the process of using body mapping to explore the men's experiences of vasectomy. It illustrates just Men's experiences with ...

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