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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 20 Tips for trainers: But why?'

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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 20 Tips for trainers: `But why?' Introduction · as you identify a cause, ask yourselves `why does this cause exist?' Continue This exercise is a variation of David Werner's doing this until you get to the basic cause exercise on the `Chain of Causes'1. I have used of the problem. List all the causes; it with students in the UK, grassroots groups · taking the list of causes, discuss and agree and health professionals in Cambodia and the what kinds of causes they are. Write all the Philippines to aid problem analysis and `political' causes on the red paper, all the facilitate common understanding of such `cultural' causes on the yellow paper, etc.; problems and their causes within groups2. · go back to your flip chart and paste on the paper starting from the problem in the Objective middle. Arrange them as a chain of causes based on your discussion. Your final To enable participants to analyse a situation, picture should appear as a big web with all detail the causes of problems and to show how your small colour pieces of paper socio-economic, political, and environmental connected to each other; and, problems are ...

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